Cavity Slider

NEW Cavity slider (Door NOT included)
- Includes all running gear, wheels, screws, the end jamb, etc.
- This frame can hold a door up to 40mm thick and 70kg in weight
- Assembled as per the photo. Includes the end jamb also.

Hole size required is double the above sizes + 10mm. ie for a 610 door the hole size is 1230mm wide.

We also stock the following sizes:
660w, 710w, 760w, 810w, 860w and 910w.
All 90mm wide frame

We have a big range of new interior doors which can be fitted to the cavity sliders easily.
Door options:
Flush doors are $39 each
V groove and panel pressed style are $49 each. Alternatively we have recycled flush and rimu or mahogany doors

Cavity Slider
Cavity Slider