Thinking of building a cabin? Building cabins to sell?

Demolition Traders has the range of products to get the job started.

Interior Linings:
- Falcata, light weight and easy to deal with, Falcata is ideal if you are looking to keep the weight down.
- Okoume Poplar Core is finished with a hardwood veneer, perfect for adding a rustic feel or a spot of character.
- Grooved plywood
- 12mm Poplar Pine is an excellent value plywood. A clean pine veneer paired with stable poplar core this board is very versatile.

Flooring Plywood:

Exterior Cladding:
- Utility clad Seconds grade Shadow clad, quick and efficient way to line the outside of your cabin
- Weather Board New seconds and pre primed pine, classic look to match in with the house

New Aluminium Joinery:
Brand new aluminium joinery, we order in advance so you don't have to, browse through our range of new joinery to pick the items that will best match your design. Available in three colours, Arctic White, Silver Pearl or Ironsand and single or double glazed.
- Doors
- Windows

New Kitchenettes in a variety of sizes to suit. stainless steel benchtops available or you are welcome to source another top to fit your style.
- Units
- Stainless Steel tops

Framing Timber:
SG8 framing timber, lengths may vary depending on the pack.
- 90 x 45 H3.2

Roofing Iron:
New zinc roofing iron available. four pre cut lengths available.
- Zinc

New flashings available for the roof and the joinery.
Head flashings available in matching colours to the new joinery.
Barge, end and ridge flashing available in Zinc.
- Head Flashing
- Ridge Capping
- Barge Flashing
- Corner Flashing