NEW 4.2m 5 Rib Roofing Iron

NEW 5- Rib Roofing

- Standard width sheet (840mm wide 740mm cover)
- 3.0m
- 0.4mm thick
- $54 per sheet, including gst.
- Zinc Finish
- Corrugated profile also available
- Perfect for new roofs or fencing

Other sizes available:
1.8m = $32.00 per sheet, including gst.
2.4m = $42.00 per sheet, including gst.
3.0m = $54.00 per sheet, including gst.
3.6m = $64.00 per sheet, including gst.

Sometimes referred to as...
- Zincalume
- Zinc-a-lume
- Galvanised roofing iron
- Galvanized roofing iron

Please enter the total number of sheets you'd like to purchase using the quantity selector when making the purchase

**For Shipping options around New Zealand, there is a minimum requirement of 10 sheets per order

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$74 per sheet

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NEW 4.2m 5 Rib Roofing Iron
NEW 4.2m 5 Rib Roofing Iron